There is a small group forming of wonderful women who want to come do the Soul Restoration course here with me in the Art Barn next spring.  So I’m putting out feelers to see if others are interested in joining us.  YOU, perhaps????   It would be March or April, and I’d like to get feedback […]

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(note:  these are my personal preferences, to help get you started.  Every artist eventually figures out what they like best, there are a myriad of choices out there!) Painting Surface:  for this #31daysofpainting game, you’re going to need a sturdy surface to paint on.  I recommend using a stretched canvas, of at least 18″x24″.  (I’m

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I hear from a lot of folks who are intrigued and want to try their hand at painting, but either don’t know where or how to start OR have convinced themselves that they are just not “creative” or “talented.”  Well, that’s just plain not true!  Everyone is creative, they may just not have used those muscles lately,


Hey Friends!! Yep, you guessed it, we’re doing it AGAIN!!!!  The Instagram PAINTING GAME!!!!  And YOU are INVITED!!!  Read on for more details, the Simple Rules, Beginner Tips and Supply Suggestions…… We did #31days in May, and then an abbreviated #15days in July.  Hard to believe we’re halfway through September already, but that means in 2 weeks we”ll be

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First and foremost, I want to heap praise and gratitude upon everyone who participated in this game, in any way!!!  Whether it was as a full-bore participant (you know who you are, rockstars!), or as a partial participant (who still created gorgeous art, btw!) or as a much-loved and much-appreciated cheerleader/follower, we created a beautiful mutually

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Hey peeps!  Happy Spring!!!  We’re “enjoying” torrential spring showers at the moment, which don’t make it easy to go out and feed all our critters, but we really appreciate how essential this water is for the health and beauty of our ranch.  Everything is so GREEN!!! In between raising baby goats, working on many re-builds

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