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In tough and fearful times, most of us tend to separate ourselves, go silent, ruminate, and disconnect.  Well, I happen to believe that these times require the exact opposite response, in order for us to live healthy, peaceful and purposeful lives.  Now, MORE THAN EVER, we need the kind of self-care that circles and bridges and shares and gathers us together.  We need to do this not only for ourselves, but for our families and our communities.  Taking care of ourselves, our souls first, is what will heal and inspire and spread the messages of love and peace that connect us all on this planet. How do we do that? Here’s one way THAT WORKS: I’m extending you a warm welcoming invitation to come and play with me and do the full SOUL RESTORATION COURSE, taught over 3 days, the weekend of APRIL 26-28, 2019.

This is the live version of the incredible life-changing curriculum created by Melody Ross, the co-founder of Brave Living. This course is available online. And having worked and assisted for many years alongside Melody at the live Soul Restoration Camps in Idaho (no longer offered there), I became a Certified Instructor so I could teach it here on our ranch in Sonoma County, in Northern California. Read more about the curriculum here: Soul Restoration and go here to register: APRIL SR COURSE

Come join a circle of amazing women who are going to do this course, a tune-up for JOY and HOPE, cleaning out that which holds us back from living our most amazing lives.  The lives we are meant to live.  Starting fresh, with intention and purpose, peace and joy!  This affordable 3-day course is specifically designed for those who would otherwise be unable to attend a full 5-day all-inclusive retreat. 

We will be journaling and making art and sharing and talking and burning stuff and burying stuff and eating yummy food and enjoying the incredible beauty of nature on this ranch!!  The miracles you will experience and witness will be life-changing!  And the sistering, the bonding with kindred souls, will be a lifelong blessing.  I can’t tell you enough how deeply these 3 days will touch you and help guide you moving forward in your life, no matter what obstacles you see ahead of you.

You will receive the exclusive deluxe kit of Soul Restoration materials — only available to people taking this live course — as well as other gifts and surprises, all the art supplies and instruction you need, all while enjoying the beauty and warmth of Lisa’s Joy Barn on her gorgeous ranch.

“… I  appreciated  the way you provided us with such insightful information while also allowing for each person the time, space and freedom to explore their own life experiences. There was a perfect balance of writing, art creativity, reading and sharing.  And, of course, enjoying your wonderful snacks and lunches.  Your art barn and the ranch make for the perfect setting.  Nature and beauty surrounded us as we went thru our restoration process.  I felt welcomed and at home each time I came.  This allowed for me to feel safe and explore my true self as deeply as I could.  Amazingly enough, while it was a very  powerful experience, it was not  heavy or dark. I came away after each class feeling more and more empowered, joyful and like my True self!  The experience was far more than I ever anticipated it would be.  As a facilitator, I appreciate your professionalism and at the same time, your openness to share and speak from your heart.  This allowed myself and others to do the same.   I look forward to participating in more of your workshops.”  — Barbara 

There are so many things that get us out of alignment with who we are and leave our souls in disrepair. We often believe we need to change who we are when we don’t like the way life is going.  We don’t need to change who we are…even if we feel like we want our life to change. We just need to RESTORE back to who we have always been.

Are you in a transition and you don’t know what to do next? Are you still reeling from a difficult time in your life? Have you forgotten who you are and what you want out of life? Do you feel like you make the decisions that others want you to make instead of the decisions that you want to make? Have you forgotten about your talents and gifts and your purpose? Do you feel like you are not deserving or worthy of good things and so you have just settled for whatever you can get in life? Are you just absolutely exhausted at how hard life has been, day after day? Do you just need a tune up? This course is for all of these reasons and more. Whether things are really hard and you feel destroyed, or whether you just need a bit of a refresher to get you back on course.Soul Restoration is intended to help every human being heal the past, confront old beliefs that have been holding them back, then find and keep the bravery needed to stay joyfully true to their own path.  IT WORKS.

This enjoyable and powerful class is designed to help you really really think and hear your own soul again…to help you remember what brings you the most joy, to realize & remember all of the things that you are good at and that make your heart sing…to get back on track and to unleash the courage and motivation to stay on track…to find the courage to let go of what is not right for you, what is hurting you and what is holding you back..and most importantly…to reunite with your soul.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Who are you, Lisa Palmer?

I am an artist and an architect, who lives and works on her family ranch on the Russian River in Northern California.  I love to gather women and hold space for soulful discussions, and soul sistering, as well as teach art techniques and ideas.  Mostly, I love to have FUN and I love to encourage others to do the same!!!  I am also a Certified Soul Restoration Instructor and Brave Girl University Teacher (the Soul Restoration curriculum is the creation of Melody Ross of Brave Living, www.braveliving.com).

Is there an age limit for the event?
For women, 18 and older.

What are my lodging and transport/parking options getting to the event?

You must provide your own lodging and transportation, and there is plenty of parking.  Further details, directions, lodging and dining suggestions, etc., provided after registration.  Due to the nature of this workshop, refunds cannot be given, but you can transfer your spot to someone else (contact Lisa for details).

What is provided?

All materials and supplies are provided.  Make sure to wear sturdy close-toed shoes, as you will be walking across a cow pasture (!) to get to the Joy Barn.

Lunch is provided each day, along with snacks and coffee, tea, and sodas.  This is an alcohol-free event. 

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Email Lisa at: lisaville13@gmail.com

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