Poems for You (signed by me!)


Signed book “Poems for You”

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“Poems for You” is the first in a series of poetry books that speak to the human condition.  Signed copies are available here, with free U.S. shipping (international customers:  please use the contact form to inquire about mailing rates).

“Living in the margins.

It’s an astonishing place to live.

The only place

to find our humanity.

To be so conscious,

aware and awake.

Three cheers

for not following the crowd.

Bravo to your bravery.

Your acceptance of your uniqueness.

The effort it takes to be tuned in

to every one of your molecules…….”

Lisa gives voice to what is often unspeakable, but is deeply felt within all of us.  The world she addresses is beyhond headlines, beyond politics or religion or gender or ethnicity or labels.  It is a world that knows creativity is within every one of us, as is our souls’ yearning for freedom and purpose.  These are poems for YOU.