Soul Restoration 2017


Hey Friends!!!  Here’s another way……..

In these types of fearful and tough times, most of us tend to separate ourselves, go silent, ruminate, and disconnect.  Well, I happen to believe that these times require the exact opposite response, in order for us to live healthy, peaceful and purposeful lives.  Now, MORE THAN EVER, we need the kind of self-care that circles and connects and shares and gathers.  We need to do this not only for ourselves, but for our families and our communities.  Taking care of ourselves, our souls, first is what will heal and inspire and spread the messages of all that connect us all on this planet.

And so I invite you to join us the weekend of November 10-12 here on our gorgeous ranch in the redwoods of Northern California, for a beautiful gathering of women who want to connect and learn and share and heal and play and laugh and love life, by doing the incredible Soul Restoration course together, with me, Lisa Palmer, as your guide.  THIS IS  A ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE!!!

We will circle in a safe and sacred circle, here in the Joy Barn.  Talk, listen, write, journal, do a bit of (easy) art that let’s us know our souls are listening.  Eat yummy food, breathe crisp clean air, marvel at the beauty of nature.  We will gather with purpose, form lifelong connections, and hold each other as we release the lies that keep us from living our soul’s true purpose.  This is THE BEST GIFT you can give yourself, your family, your community and the world.

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