SHE DID IT ANYWAY Class – Saturday, October 21


A 1-day art and soul workshop here at the Art Barn in Duncans Mills, California.

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This is a 1-day Art and Soul class, here in the Art Barn on our ranch in Duncans Mills, California, using the She Did It Anyway course curriculum from ©Soul Road Academy*, along with other fun art projects:

"There are times when we must look our “impossible” dilemmas square in the face and take care of them anyway.  This course delivers a map to your courage, your awesomeness and the grit it will take to do difficult things.......This lesson is about bravely looking the scary stuff in the face....and then going out and doing it anyway......Perhaps one of the most destructive beliefs that we can ever have in life is to believe that we are powerless over our circumstances, over our moods, over our relationships, over our future.  While it is true that we have no power to change other people.....we absolutely have power to change the things that are within our own realm of influence......"

We will be doing some guided self-inquiry exercises, some journaling, and group discussions.  You will then make your very own and very personal She Did It Anyway book, along with truth cards, and other fun projects, along with some fun art techniques I will share with you!  It's a full day of Art and Soul and much-needed deep connections with others!  All materials provided, just bring a sack lunch.  A beautiful gift to give yourself, and enjoy a great day in the country!  WE will meet from 9:30am to 3:30pm-ish.  Space is limited!  Further details will be sent to you once you sign up.

*I am a Certified Soul Road Master Teacher