About Lisa

 I am an artist, here on a beautiful ranch in Northern California.
I am an artist, here on a beautiful ranch in Northern California.

Welcome to my world!

So who am I?  Do you have a minute??  I’m just a person who’s lived a little, then a little more, and more………..

OK, so I’ve lived A LOT!!  Life is a fascinating and bumpy ride, with successes and mistakes and lessons learned.  Some forgotten and re-learned over and over.  It’s important for me to remember I am a work in progress, just like YOU.

Here are some pieces of how I would describe myself……. a passionate dreaming artist, a rancher’s wife, an experienced architect, a fierce advocate for homeless folks, a grateful grandmother and stepmother, a teacher of art and soul courses, a creator of beautiful healing spaces, a joyful spirit, a fighter for my adopted child’s special needs, a loyal friend, a needer of laughs and music, a locavore, a lover of the sun & moon & water & trees & stars & wide open spaces, a restless curious mind, a dog and baby goat lover, an explorer of words and colors and the human experience, and a lucky resident of Sonoma County, California.


If there is nothing else that I accomplish in my life, let it be this: to express in my art that we are all struggling souls on a journey, that we have infinitely more in common with each other than we have differences, and that loving every soul (starting with our own) is the path to joy and world peace.