Pssssssssssssst !!!!!!!!!

Lisaville made her public debut!!!!!!!  We’re open for business!!!!IMG_4479And it was a officially exciting and smile-making.IMG_4487The Antique Marketplace in Duncans Mills, California, didn’t see it coming.  Certainly no one expected to see these odd creations.  Many double-takes and smiles and squeals of delight were heard.  A sale or two was made.IMG_4507Requests for custom “sticks” were commissioned.  

Interacting with the public and the fellow sellers was fun and very educational.  This weekend definitely made my path clearer, helped me to define what the heck I’m doing and how to proceed.IMG_4503I was particularly touched by the many friends who came to support me.  And my out of town buddies who continually texted and messaged me throughout the weekend.  It’s not easy for me to take that in — that support and encouragement.  That’s a lifelong project for me, to accept kindness as genuine and deserving.  But this time I soaked it in.  I’m learning.  Here’s my friend Nancy, who gamely braved the cold wind to hang with me for awhile.IMG_4505And this is Kelli, one of my Flying Sisters, who came all the way down from Sacramento.  I was gobsmacked!IMG_4498

So one big lesson from this was that I will be much more selective about any future fairs in which I participate.  This one was local and simple and easy to do, but it wasn’t oriented toward art.  That old marketing maxim, “know your customer”, was very true here.  These were treasure hunters, such as myself, not necessarily art collectors.  Well, most of them.  I took a risk and just put myself out there and it was amazing.  While it was loads of fun, I need to find my people……

I am excited to keep moving forward!!!!  And so — drumroll please — I am officially announcing THE OPENING OF MY ONLINE STORE !!!   You may have noticed the Etsy badge on the Home Page sidebar or the link on the “Shop” tab above — click on either of those and it will take you to my store.  So far I’ve listed this Treasure Stick, called NILE……IMG_4471

And more are being added as quickly as I can.  Like JANE here…..IMG_4096As in Jane Austen.  English country.  Proper and ladylike.  Swans and porcelain and cottages and tea.  Or maybe you’d prefer PUNKIN……IMG_4094

IMG_4422I invite you to browse around.  Check it out.  And THANK YOU for leaving a COMMENT!!!

21 thoughts on “Pssssssssssssst !!!!!!!!!

  1. I love that you jumped. I love that you learned. I love that you let us be on your journey. And I love your sticks! They are uniquely odd and quirky and lovely……you will find your people. That show was just to get you a little wet behind the ears!!!! And who knows what will still come of it!!!

  2. Yay for YOU. I love your honesty and enthusiasm and I LOVE your creations. I’m glad you had fun and I’m sending love and encouragement. Keep going brave girl!!

  3. Lisa congrats!!!!! We had just gotten back from our trip to New York City and were hoping to come on Sunday. But the pool broke and the water stopped mysteriously and chris was flying around to and from the hardware store. And when he was done it was about 3 pm and so we chose to stay home. I didn’t dare leave the house since I was assigned to do things like turn on water when he was down at the pump and that kind of thing. But I am very excited about your new business! I am ready to put something on the calendar now if you have any time for me. And I will come to Dmills if that would be easier for you. How does this Thursday sound for you?


    From: lisaville Reply-To: lisaville Date: Monday, September 2, 2013 9:37 PM To: Christine Lee Subject: [New post] Pssssssssssssst !!!!!!!!! lisaville posted: “Lisaville made her public debut!!!!!!! We’re open for business!!!!And it was a officially exciting and smile-making.The Antique Marketplace in Duncans Mills, California, didn’t see it coming. Certainly no one expected to see these odd creations. Many d”

  4. Love that you leaped!!!!! Here’s to many more Treasure Sticks, sweet customers giving them loving new homes, and smiles and more smiles!!! xoxo

  5. It was an honor for me to come out and support you Lisa! You’re an amazing and very talented, creative and whimsical artist! I see you added some descriptions to the pieces too! Great job! I’m proud of you my sister!♥Nancy

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    Best of luck for the next!

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